Sweet carrot salad

Sweet carrot salad

Sweet sweet to him and carrot salad can be a sweet little help with some blueberries or cherries. All taste. So for you to be sweet with carrots, we gathered a few recipes for sweet carrot salad.

Recipe number one sweet carrot salad with cranberries

Another version of this salad a little less sweet with less sugar and tell her later.

Materials sweet carrot salad recipe dish for 4 people

  6  carrots, peeled and washed

200  rams of fresh cranberries. Hourly important sugar-free sweetened cranberries coordinator usually sweet apples it itself.

Sugar to taste heat or white

½ cup freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice that is not canned

Tablespoon canola or olive oil to taste

Half a garlic clove optional

Preparation sweet carrot salad

The peeled carrots on a grater scraping (a little work but the most tasty) mix well with the other ingredients and refrigerate for half an hour to let all the ingredients to be absorbed in each other and form a uniform texture salad.

Materials sweet carrot salad recipe dish for 4 people without cranberry sweet

You can give up the sweet cranberry and reduce the amount of sugar in a salad. It's healthier if you have to keep your blood sugar. The place of the cranberry apple, sugar-free cranberry called catch black berries that can be obtained in any health food shop or neighborhood store spices, soak them in water for a few minutes before the mixing bowl of salad and appetite